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Average Apartment Rent in Silver Spring, Maryland

# Bedrooms Dec Nov Oct 3 Month % change
Studio $1,201 $1,135 $1,187 1.2%
1 Bed $1,400 $1,422 $1,492 -6.2%
2 Bed $1,809 $1,823 $1,836 -1.5%
3 Bed $2,631 $2,748 $3,105 -15.3%



The name actually comes from a geological formation of mica in a spring which makes it sparkle.Silver Spring is now a bustling city and is home to the Discover Network as well as other large businesses.Silver Spring is a city located just north of Washington, D.C. and is home to just under 77,000 residents. It was founded by Francis Preston Blair, who was a newspaper publisher and supporter of Andrew Jackson. He found the site while horseback riding, thought it was beautiful and built a summer home which he called Silver Spring.

It is also considered a convenient and excellent commuter community with direct links into Washington. The downtown area is once again a vibrant center and living in your Silver Spring apartment will be a great experience.

Silver Spring Apartment Rental Trends

Apartments in Silver Spring have competitive rents so be sure to use our apartment finder to get the best deal. In October the average rent for a 1 Bedroom Silver Spring apartment cost $1,492.If you need a roommate, try finding a 2 bedroom apartment rental.An average 2 bedroom Silver Spring apartment was $1,836 in October. The average apartment rent for a 3 bedroom apartment in October was $3,105. Start your apartment search by checking out some of the Silver Spring rentals listed below.